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Cheap Occasional table or coffee table delivery

Here at Cheap Ebay couriers we will move most types of furniture and included in that are coffee tables, occasional tables and also nests of tables. Quite often the original packaging for these items has been discarded when it was unwrapped, most people wont see the need for it in the future, so why keep […]

How do I get free packaging for my Ebay Item

Finally! that item that’s been cluttering up your house or garage has been listed on Ebay and has been sold. Excellent, but wait a minute you don’t have a box for it or anything to send it out in. Image via Wikipedia You search around the house trying to find something good enough to wrap […]

Delivering your Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are a big seller on Ebay as you can buy a decent set for your vehicle at a great price. So whats stopping you? The dreaded collection only postage tag puts so many people off of buying these, normally the set you have your heart on is the other side of the country, […]