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Cheap Deliveries? When does it become too cheap?

Cheap deliveries are what people are looking for right? Well yes and no Cheap Ebay Couriers is an arm of Arrow Light Haulage our dedicated SameDay courier business, our goal has always been to offer value for money without compromise on service, so for instance If you wanted a Carpet delivered from Essex to Wales on […]

The A-Z of Delivering – I is for Important delivery

So I is for important delivery, in a couriers day there are a number of important things that happen and although some are repetitive and mundane if they were not done it would quickly become obvious as to why it was necessary and why it was flagged as important, obviously deliveries are very important to […]

The A-Z of Delivering – H is for Honest home delivery courier

H is for honest home delivery courier. Finding a courier is easy, go onto google and search there are thousands out there, but how can you tell if they are honest or not? Like all industries there are rogues, unreliable, thieves and dishonest traders and the delivery business is no different, so how can you […]

The A – Z of Delivering – G is for Garage services

G is for Garage services whether that be MOT’s, servicing or repair work. Running a courier company will always mean having regular trips to the garage or the mechanic, we cover a huge amount of mileage each year and servicing needs to be done regularly to maintain the vehicles and make sure breakdowns are at […]

The A-Z of Delivering – B is for Bulky

B is for Bulky, in an previous post how to get you bulky item delivered we explain what defines a bulky item. Bulky, ugly or oversized cargo is a transport companies nightmare, parcel companies will if outside their parameters either charge you a fortune or refuse to take it, the same with pallet companies so why is that? Well  for […]

Where is my delivery?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? I have, countless times when I have ordered things online and the company says don’t worry you can track your delivery via our parcel carriers website. They give you a tracking number enter it onto the site and wham, the most basic of information is available, it doesn’t […]

How to deliver your Mobility Scooter

When you are looking at buying a mobility scooter like anything that isnt necessarily that cheap there are lots of things to take into consideration.  For instance 1) Charging time. 2) Useage in minutes or miles. 3) Model ie comfort specifications. 4) Age of the scooter. 5) Budget. 6) Transportation. 7) function – does it […]

Is it cheaper to hire a van and deliver it yourself?

Like anything in life sometimes its cheaper and easier to do it yourself rather than outsource to someone else. Is this the case when you buy a large item? or are given something just too big to go into your car?  I have compiled a few things to consider when making the decision as to whether or […]

Deliveries from Essex to anywhere in the UK

Being based in Essex cheap ebay couriers is ideally located to collect from anywhere in Essex Kent and London within a day or two. There is nothing worse than buying your item from Ebay then the seller telling you it has to be collected within 48 hours. Most couriers doing this sort of work will […]

How to get your Rugs and Carpets delivered by Cheap Ebay Couriers

At cheap Ebay couriers we take all consignments seriously, whether it’s a pram, a dog kennel or a Carpet. They all get handled with extreme care and consideration as if these items were our own. It doesn’t matter to us if you have bought it from Ebay, a shop or collecting from a friend or […]

Cheap Occasional table or coffee table delivery

Here at Cheap Ebay couriers we will move most types of furniture and included in that are coffee tables, occasional tables and also nests of tables. Quite often the original packaging for these items has been discarded when it was unwrapped, most people wont see the need for it in the future, so why keep […]

Cheap Delivery: Bunk beds or Cabin Beds

Bunk beds and Cabin beds are great not only for the space that they save,  kids love them. They spend hours playing in them with loads of hidey holes and you can even get cabin beds with curtains and desks. There are lots and lots of different types available now. Why am I rambling on […]

Why use Cheap Ebay Couriers – there are hundreds out there

What makes Cheap Ebay Couriers the company to go to when you need your ebay items delivered?  One of the things we have based our  Cheap Ebay Couriers business on is honesty, now you might think you would get that anyway and in some cases you might be right, but I hear day in day […]

Cheap Ebay Couriers – How can you deliver at such a reasonable cost?

At cheap Ebay Couriers we get asked this question almost daily, and to us it still comes as a surprise. We quickly established a need for this type of service some time ago and agonised over how we could deliver an exceptional delivery service, on a budget for our customers. Time was not so important […]