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How to get your Rugs and Carpets delivered by Cheap Ebay Couriers

At cheap Ebay couriers we take all consignments seriously, whether it’s a pram, a dog kennel or a Carpet. They all get handled with extreme care and consideration as if these items were our own. It doesn’t matter to us if you have bought it from Ebay, a shop or collecting from a friend or family our guarantee is to provide a courteous, professional service to ALL of our customers.

One of the things in recent weeks we have been asked to move is carpets and Rugs. There are some real bargains to be had by buying these wholesale and off the internet. The problem as always is the delivery of the items. Quite often customers see this as a big problem, they don’t want their nice rug sent through the parcel companies to be thrown around in a dirty warehouse and squashed out of shape.

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The solution to this is easy, call us  or email us for a quotation, we will check with you the condition of the item and make sure whom ever has sold you the rug has correctly packaged it for transport. It’s not difficult to do this, most rugs and carpets just need to be rolled NOT FOLDED, if they are folded this could damage the fibres in the carpet and you will not be able to get rid of the crease marks.,  then covered in plastic to make sure that they don’t get dirty. When the carpets or rugs are rolled make sure the bottom of the carpet is on the outside, this makes it easier to keep it clean and also when its time to lay the carpet or rug you just roll it out. Even in our vans which are cleaned weekly we still manage to get dust inside of them so plastic covering is really important.

I hope this helps and encourages you to buy with confidence and know that when you do you have a delivery service at your disposal to make the delivery for you



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