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Delivering your Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are a big seller on Ebay as you can buy a decent set for your vehicle at a great price.

So whats stopping you?

The dreaded collection only postage tag puts so many people off of buying these, normally the set you have your heart on is the other side of the country, well this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.  Our couriers we can collect and deliver your wheels at a price that still makes sense.

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All the wheels we collect are blanket wrapped for transport so that at no time will your Alloy wheels become damaged or scratched, you may have bought second hand wheels but that doesn’t mean that we will treat them that way. No scratches, no dents, delivered to you in exactly the same condition that you bought them in.

We have in the past moved considerable amounts of these and all have been delivered safely and without damage.

What makes us different when delivering your wheels?

Well that’s easy, when we collect your alloys they get taken back to our depot reading for loading, they then get loaded onto the next vehicle going to your part of the country. We will never lose your wheels as they stay under our control at all times, can the same be said by the pallet/parcel guys? . There have been instances in the past where a set of  5 wheels have been dispatched buy the seller via a parcel/pallet network and 3 days later 2 of the wheels turn up then a couple of days later another one turns up and then the last 2 are lost. This is no good for you and is not how we operate.

So when looking at buying alloy wheels on ebay drop us an email and ask for a price I think you will be surprised as to how cost effective we can be.


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