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Why Book Cheap Ebay Couriers

We know how hard it is to find both a decent courier and a cheap courier. The price has to be right, or you will not save any money and the courier has to earn enough to cover the cost of their time and fuel. And we all know the price of fuel these days isn’t cheap.

We decided to set up this site  as a resource with articles to help you collect and deliver items yourself or ask us to do it for you.

Who are we?

We are an experienced Essex based courier company thats is used to dealing with all types of cargo. Our aim is to provide a quality service at a great price and fill up any vans that are running empty on the way back from their delivery or to their collection point.

The vans carry straps, ties, blankets, bubble wrap, tape and a variety of other smaller bits to make sure the loads we carry are safe and secure in transit.

Collectively we have over 100 years delivery experience, and the chances are no matter what you need delivering, one of us has done it before!

To make it easier for you, we can quote via email or phone whichever is easier for you, our aim is to respond to all emails as fast as possible, but if it’s urgent – pick up the phone and call us!

For service ease we can accept most payment methods.


For the record  Cheap Ebay Couriers is our search term. We are not endorsed by Ebay in any way. The Images you see used in this site are used under the creative commons license.